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Why Silicone Rings Are The Best Option For Athletes

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In case you didn’t know,  athletes aren’t supposed to wear rings while practicing sports. And this doesn’t refer to only hardcore, Usain Bolt or Serena Williams type athletes. It applies to all of us, practicing any sport. This is because aside from possibly scratching or damaging your precious wedding or engagement rings, it’s actually dangerous to wear a metal band around your finger when working out. 

But there are many reasons why wearing a ring is important - reasons why you might not want to remove your ring. Perhaps you’re married. Perhaps you’re showing your support for a community you identify with. Or perhaps, you’re simply showing the world who you are through a beautiful fashion accessory. But if your cardio workout gets too intense, or if your training involves explosive movements, or even if you’re doing slow pull-ups at a bar, if you are wearing a metal ring and it happens to get caught in the equipment you could suffer ring avulsion. And it is as horrible as it sounds: ring avulsion is when the skin and muscle are ripped off the ringer right down to the bone. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to give up wearing rings at the gym - it just means that you need to switch the classical metal ring to a safe option. Enter, silicone rings! 

Below, we’ll explain the main reasons why silicone rings are the best options for all types of athletes.

Why Silicone Rings Are The Best Option For Athletes

There are a lot of reasons why silicone rings are the best option for athletes. Here are the 6 most important ones:

Safety First

Whatever the reason is for you to decide to wear a ring to workout, it’s also important to note that your safety comes absolutely first and foremost. As we already mentioned, ring avulsion is a very real thing. According to Healthline, ring avulsion can happen “when a ring on one of your fingers is caught on an object and gets yanked off suddenly and rapidly. The force and pressure of the ring being pulled can strip off and damage finger tissues, including muscles, tendons, and bones.”

If you decide you still want to wear a ring during a workout, then a silicone ring is one of the safest choices you can decide to wrap around your finger. HALO silicone rings are extremely flexible and durable, which removes any fear of ring avulsion during any workout. 

Comfort Second

If you’re out for a winter run, plan to go swimming, or decide to undergo any type of activity that involves a change in the weather or medium, a silicone ring may be your best bet. For one, you don’t have to worry about it slipping off and falling into the pool or the ocean. You also don’t have to worry about the ring getting cold or about suffering a tight sensation when running.

Also, not all metal rings are hypoallergenic, which can cause unwanted reactions to the skin (particularly when exposed to sweat, chlorine, or other substances in different sports disciplines). So while there are still some people who may struggle with allergic reactions, most can wear silicone rings without any issues. 

Silicone Rings are Hypoallergenic

While there are still a few people who might have trouble with allergic reactions, the vast majority of people can safely wear silicone rings without any problems. Our HALO silicone rings are made with Medical Flexon next-generation liquid materials, which makes them 10X more hypoallergenic, durable, chemical resistant, and super flexible. To sum it up, silicone rings offer the most comfort for any type of sports activity. 

Versatility & Self-Expression

Perhaps you’re very elegant and only wear gold jewelry. Perhaps you’re a rose gold kind of person. Maybe it’s Wednesday and you want to wear pink. Or maybe one day you wake up feeling a bit blue. Or perhaps you just want a ring to match your black activewear outfit. Whatever the reason, there’s a silicone ring for your mood. And the best part is that just like with your clothing, you can change your ring every day! Talk about versatility and self-expression all wrapped up into one beautiful ring!

No Tightness Or Redness

Although not all silicone rings are made the same, HALO silicone rings are made with Medical Flexon next-generation liquid materials. This makes them extra flexible, which means that you won’t feel any tightness when doing a workout. 

The hypoallergenic material also ensures that the skin beneath won’t get reddened or suffer any type of rashes. Those days are a thing of the past when you’re wearing the right silicone ring.

Breathable Material

Not all silicone is breathable. But our HALO silicone rings are the perfect companion for a sweaty workout thanks to our interwoven airflow technology and moisture reduction vents. This way, you won’t have to worry about your ring slipping off of your finger or about that sweaty hand feeling bothering you. 


Hands down, silicone rings are the best option for athletes. They are a safe, comfortable, breathable, and hypoallergenic alternative to classic metal rings. Not to mention, they come in all sorts of beautiful colors that can show off your personality, community, or even mood

How you present yourself to the world tells a story. And that doesn’t have to change just because you’re in the gym or out for a run. At HALO, every story matters. This is why, aside from promoting connection, kindness, and a sense of community, every purchase means a donation. The best part is that YOU get to choose which cause to donate to. Learn more about our mission to transform lives or browse our product catalog to choose the silicone ring that best fits your mood, your particular sport, or even your gym attire!