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Hey, we’re HALO.

We’re all about connection, reunion, communion, tribes, couples, communities, good causes, awesome memories and solid friendships that last a lifetime.

And we bring you a unique way of saying “you mean something!”

HALO cares about what matters. We care about what you stand for. We care about your friendships and causes. Our silicone rings were created to help you deepen the meaning of your life and your human connections, with your own infused declaration.

HALO celebrates trust, love, hope, joy, recognition and commitment. We’re about the value in the ring, the meaning behind the message and the feeling behind the meaning.

Built to last and made to matter

Our business is not built on targets and turnover, it’s built on pure joy. We stand for Tribe, Intention and Connection and we’ve travelled far and wide to bring you only the finest silicone ring pieces that carry meaning behind every design.

Established in a coffee shop somewhere in Sydney, HALO has found its home on the hands and in the hearts of thousands of communities everywhere. A hallmark of self-declaration, tribe affiliation, partnership and team spirit, your HALO is not just a ring – it’s YOUR ring, with YOUR story.        

We’ve made sure that your HALO is conveniently set to fit and is delivered directly to your ring finger in our lifestyle-friendly reusable bags. And it’s practical too. HALO rings are meticulously designed with Medi-Flexon™ next-generation liquid materials that make them safe, flexible, breathable, durable and hypoallergenic.

When you purchase or receive a HALO ring, you know you belong to something meaningful.  

And hey, it feels good to belong.

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HALO: Our Story
A Guy gets stuck. And a brand is born.

(it’s a true story)
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Meet our inner circle

We're a team of leaders, dreamers and belongers and we're fully committed to spreading the joy of connection. We really are. We're all about the stuff that makes us feel good inside and we're pretty crazy about our silicone rings too. Because they're expressive and because they remind us every day of what really truly matters. And that counts for a lot.



Passionate about bringing connection and meaning to others



Is all about Family, Friendship and kinship


The Apprentice

Learning the ropes, and building the Community


Head of Creative

Fun, bubbly , energetic and a master wordsmith


Lead Product Designer

Charming, responsive and mind blowing designs


Web Development

Shy, quiet & behind the scenes making everything happen.