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What Your Favorite HALO Color Says About You

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You’re probably familiar with the phrase “show your true colors”. While it normally refers to a person who stops any type of fake charade to express who they really are in a given situation, we like to think of it as expressing who you truly are.

There is nothing as beautiful as your true personality and soul. And when you “show your true colors”, you’re allowing others to see you for who you are. In short, you are connecting with the rest of the world while also expressing yourself. This is why we compiled a short list of color meanings, so you can understand what your favorite (and true) color says about you.

What Your Favorite HALO Color Says About You

“Many people are unaware of the impact colors have on our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in everyday life.”

Jaimee Bell, writer at Big Think

Colors can have a huge impact on human perception and behavior. According to Big Think, color psychology has been applied to explain different personality traits. “Colors aren't merely associated with various feelings but can actually shape our perceptions and personalities.” This is why we’ve compiled a list with a few of the most popular colors. Find out what your favorite color says about you, your personality, and your amazing soul.


This vibrant color stands for passion, love, courage, joy, and activity. If red is your favorite color, then you are probably a fiery, passionate individual who is both driven and determined.

Red personalities often are:

  • Outgoing, assertive, vigorous, and impulsive
  • Passionate being who love without boundaries
  • Never afraid to stand up for yourself or others
  • Enjoy being the life of the party and the center of attention
  • Natural-born leaders who lead with optimism
  • All about what’s next - next adventure, next project, next big thing

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The color of the sea and the sky. Because of this, blue often represents serenity, stability, inspiration, wisdom, trust, and reliability. If blue is your favorite color, then you are probably a reliable, trustworthy human being who tends to bring tranquility into the life of your loved ones.

Blue personalities often are:

  • Loyal to a fault, especially with their friends and family
  • Extremely empathic, always thinking of others, their feelings, and their needs
  • Introspective beings with a penchant for keeping order
  • Aiming to find inner peace and absolute truth
  • Trustworthy and with a keen eye for details
  • Friendly, endearing, and serene

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The color of nature! This cool color represents tranquility, health, good luck, and good-naturedness. If green is your favorite color, then you are probably a stellar member of society who puts frankness before anything else.

Green personalities often are:

  • Born with a special connection to nature
  • Good at seeing the bigger picture with clarity, understanding multiple points of view
  • Candid and frank with others
  • Most comfortable when outdoors
  • Striving for consistency and balance
  • Amazing at time management and sorting out their priorities
  • Environmentally aware and involved in doing their part for Mother Nature

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A truly magical color. Purple often represents creativity, wisdom, pride, independence, dignity, and magic. If purple is your favorite color, then you are probably an extravagant individual with a creativity so extreme it borders on magical.

Purple personalities often are:

  • Eccentric, imaginative, and wise
  • Capable of bringing great wisdom and tranquility to life
  • Independent (and often mysterious) beings
  • Known for awakening creativity and imagination in others
  • Ambitious creatures who are always looking to build or create something new

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The sum of all colors is the representation of purity, innocence, cleanliness, and freshness. If white is your favorite color, then you are probably someone who values simplicity, new beginnings, and fresh starts.

White personalities often are:

  • Elegant creatures who value simplicity above all else
  • Advocates of cleanliness and order
  • Calm, peaceful and perhaps a bit naïve
  • People who value purity and innocence, and who will stop at nothing to defend those in need
  • Always willing to forgive and start over (just like a blank canvas of opportunities)

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Often related to death or mourning, black is also the color of sophistication, mystery, power, and elegance. If you favor black as a color, then you are probably someone who strives for power and control, but who is also artistic and intuitive.

Black personalities often are:

  • Private individuals who value rarely share thoughts and feelings with others
  • Beings who value control above everything else
  • Dignified beings known for being articulate, dramatic, worldly, and polite
  • Serious and mysterious - almost to the point of being intimidating
  • Insecure and anxious (although they would never let it show)
  • Perfectionists with amazing attention to detail

Let the world know you are elegant, classic and sophisticated with our HALO black silicone rings. Our HALO Black Jack silicone ring is black all around to represent this personality to a tee. However, if you find that you like black and other colors, we also have the HALO Black Lava silicone ring, which combines the power of black with the passion of red, or the HALO Black Sky silicone ring, which matches black personality traits with the calmness and tranquility of blue.

Wearing Your Favorite Color As A Statement

“Extending color psychology into the realm of personalities is about proving that colors aren't just about what looks the best, but about what meaning we subconsciously attach to those colors, and how to use that to benefit our lives.”

Jaimee Bell, writer at Big Think

According to Gregory Ciotti, writer at Psychology Today, there have been numerous attempts to classify people’s responses to different colors. But the “truth of the matter is that color is too dependent on personal experiences.” Simply said: your color, your experience, your story. Wearing your favorite color as a statement lets everyone know exactly who you are, allowing you to connect to others both alike and different to yourself. This is why the best way to express your personality is with an accessory that quite literally says it all, like one of our beautiful silicone rings.

At HALO, every story matters. Which is why, aside from promoting connection, kindness, and a sense of community, every purchase means a donation. The best part is that YOU get to choose which cause to donate to. Learn more about our mission to transform lives or browse our product catalog here and start showing off your true colors.