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How To Express Yourself And Connect With Others

Posted by Team HALO on

Have you ever struggled with how to express yourself? What about connecting to others?

What do you do to show the world who YOU are? You are unique, one of a kind, and that is your superpower. But while being yourself and expressing it are an important part of life, feeling that you are part of a community is also crucial to our survival as human beings. So, how can you express your uniqueness while still feeling connected to others? We have an easy answer: through accessories that tell a story and connect.

"The ability to truly express oneself comes from a sense of being secure in oneself. Security and a thick skin come from knowing who you are, and what you stand for. Expression is brightest when it emanates from a place of authenticity, heart, and love."

The Master Philosopher, “How To Authentically Express Yourself for Power, Confidence, and Influence”

In this article, we’re going to show you exactly how to express yourself and connect with others through activities, donations, and even fashion.

How Can You Express Yourself While Also Connecting With Others?

Expressing yourself can be an art form. Connecting with others can feel extremely difficult. So how on earth are you supposed to be able to do both? Is it even possible? We’re glad to say that yes, it is possible! And it’s actually easier than you thought. Here are three easy ways in which you can express yourself while connecting with others.

1. Through Memories

You can connect with others through mementos of your relationships and memories. A wedding ring, a promise ring, or even a friendship ring can show everyone else that you belong, that you’re connected, that you matter. Can you imagine a group of best friends wearing matching brightly-colored friendship rings? Or how about a recently married couple with a beautiful matching set of rings to show they’ve tied the knot? Perhaps a sisterhood ring for when you live far from your loved ones. Or maybe a ring everyone wore for an important event, like a competition or prom night. Anytime you look down at your ring, you will remember that amazing day, the person the memory is tied to, and you will smile. That is how you can express yourself, who you are, what memories you carry, and the people you are connected to all in with one small detail.

2. By Helping a Cause

"If you're someone who likes to volunteer and help others, then choose to purchase [...] from a company who cares. Express your desire to give back by making an intentional decision about where you shop and who you support with your money."

Luxury Activist, How To Express Yourself Through Fashion

If you want to help the world and there’s a particular cause you feel strongly about, then one of the best ways you can express yourself is by donating. The best part is that by doing this, you will also connect with others: both the people who are also involved in helping the cause and those who need help. It is one of the most altruistic ways to express yourself and connect with others. At My HALO Ring, we believe that everyone belongs. This is why we are actively working with all communities, tribes, and people to educate and share our common connections. It’s also why with every HALO purchase, we not only donate to causes we believe in, but we also let you choose which cause to donate to.

3. Through Amazing Accessories

Fashion is a great way to express yourself. According to Kate Dollan, our clothing and personal style “is a “talking” communication tool.” It carries a message that is interpreted by others and helps us unite and connect. Something as simple as wearing your favorite color shirt, or dressing in soft tones, or using headbands, scarves, and of course, rings. All of these are tools of self-expression and communication. “So why not express yourself through an individual style, sending messages about what is inside us?” She describes this self-expression not as an act that everyone is meant to understand, but rather to do it “for the very act of self-creation, the opportunity to hear oneself and trust oneself." Simply put, wear it because it’s you and you felt like it.

This Medium article defines fashion as a kind of self-expression because all things of beauty are created “to enhance and compliment who we are.” And to be honest, we have to agree. Choosing what you put on every day is an act of self-expression - one of the deepest ones. But what is even more profound is choosing to wear something every day that represents you, that links you to others, that binds you to a community, a group, or a loved one. Something durable, fashionable, colorful. Something (you guessed it) like a ring!

A bright ring in your favorite color, a circle of unity that represents the bond you have with your teammates, a promise signed with love to signal a marriage. There’s so much meaning in a such small, round accessory. And it’s a great way to show how you express yourself and what your connection is to others.

So, How Can You Express Yourself?

Although there are many ways to show the world what makes you YOU, we believe that one of the best ways is by combining all of the above. You can help a good cause, becoming one with your community while also aiding others that need help, you can carry a memory that you share with others, and you can also show who you are through your own personal style. All of this is possible with our beautiful array of silicone rings. Available in many colors, combinations, and sizes, all you have to do is find the one that expresses who you are the most.

If you love purple, then our lovely Mystic ring will tell everyone your story. If you’re more into metallic tones, then our Silver Bullet, Gold Melt, or even Rose Gold Melt will capture your heart. If your favorite color is green and you’re an environmental activist, then Green Leaf is the ring for you. We have everything you need to express yourself and connect with others - easy as a ring. We want to bring people together through tribe, community, and connection. We want to ensure we all belong!